Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet Little Avonlea

I had some problems with my camera...had to put it back to factory settings, and then try to recover some of the things I had changed to my liking. I'm still not there yet, but with not feeling real well yet, and this being my first real photo in the past month, I just let it go at this. I do like this one of 13 month old Avi. She played in a little wading pool this afternoon, and also had her very first popsicle! I love her sparkling eyes, her kissy cheeks, and her sweet smile. I also love her wild hair! She is a real mover/shaker, and I was lucky to have her stop for a few seconds for this shot.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Utah Desert

We had many pretty things to see on the way home Wednesday, but I want to share this one of the Utah dessert, not many miles from home. I like it because it is so green from all of the rain. With the nice light at that time of day, the colors were so beautiful. This is just a quick shot with the PS. I wish I had had the energy to get my Canon out with the wide angle lens.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Family Vacation

Several years ago, our daughter, Heidi, in an effort to have more family togetherness, suggested that we have a little vacation together, each year. In 2006, we spent the day at Cherry Hill, a water park in Northern Utah. Randy's Famiy was in charge. In 2007, Heidi and Ken arranged for a little longer trip to the Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. We enjoyed it so much! Everyone was there and we really had a great time playing games and going to the beautiful pool, playing in the gym and watching movies. This year, Dan and Becca arranged for us to spend three and a half days at a beautiful cabin on Bear Lake. This cabin has been in Bette Hubrich's family for many years. She is the wife of Wynn, Ralph's brother.
We really had a fun time this year. We were missing Heidi's family, Jeff, who had to work, and Braden who couldn't miss football try outs. Other than that, everyone else was there.
I had a very good time this year. I really needed to laugh, and I did! In fact, I laughed so much that I still hurt! I enjoyed the visiting, and the games. Another favorite time for me was when most of the men left for golfing and Brian, who is not a golfer, came along with myself, Cheri, Danielle, Becca, Livvy, Heather, Cessna and Lance to the lake. Becky stayed back at the cabin with Rory and Cameron who were sleeping. The wind was blowing and there were white caps on the water. Becca drove the boat. It was a wild bouncy ride for those in the 3 man tube. We were splashed with water in the boat, and we never stopped laughing. Becca was soaked, and mentioned that she was ready for a wet T-shirt competition. I also loved the raspberry shakes. It was so fun to observe my grandchildren as they played together and displayed such love for each other. One of my goals this year was to get good pictures. Those of you who took pictures did a great job too, and we have so many nice ones to help us to remember everything. Some of my favorites are Danielle sleeping with Cam in her arms in the hammock, Rory digging her little feet into the mud for the first time, Randy with Rory's toys hanging from his ears, and Dan and Becca kissing as they were speeding along on the tube. Other favorites are Livvy and Cessy squealing with delight in the hammock, Cam standing on his head in the sand, and another of him swimming all by himself. He was so tickled with his accomplishment. I love the one Heather got of Rory and Lance kissing. There is a picture of Danielle on the boat and she looks like a model. I crack up laughing when I look at the pictures of Becky and Danielle on their wild ride, and also the ones of them laughing as they look at the pictures on the camera viewfinder. There is a precious one of Cheri with Rory in the swing and another of Becky with Rory. I like the pictures that Ralph got of the men golfing with the beautiful lake in the background. Heather snapped some of Lance and Grandpa flying the plane. Lance fell asleep on the boat no matter how rough the ride was. Even Livvy fell asleep on the really wild boat ride. I think she giggled herself to sleep. I cannot forget the sweet pictures of Cameron pinching his nose with the salad tongs. We have several pictures of Brian playing with the kids. He never tired of going up into the tree house and watching over them. I regret not getting a picture of Becca during the spoons game. That scene will be forever in my mind though. I decided this trip that I have the best kids, best in law kids, and of course the best grandchildren anywhere. I am sad about the seven family members who were not with us this year. I hope that next year, we will ALL be together. I was a bit apprehensive about getting into a swim suit again, but Cessna made me feel OK right away. When I came out of the bathroom she exclaimed, "Oh Grandma, you look adorable in your suit!" I will not feel so bad now when I look in the mirror and discover another pound or a new wrinkle, or another grey hair, because my granddaughter says I am adorable! I am so grateful for all ten of my grandchildren and for the love that they show to me in so many different ways. Well, another family vacation is history, but this one was especially fun and we will never forget it. Thanks to all of you for making it so much fun. I really needed to laugh, and it felt so good. Hey, thanks to all of you for making the family picture so painless this year. We've got to love that! I will post some pictures when I figure out how to do it.